23 Oct 2015 As you know I have the medium Ytong nest with arena above it. From other posts I see that you're supposed to put a digital 


The nests you find below are where your ants will live. This will be their nesting area. They are individual nests that will need to be connected to an outworld, except for the sand style nests. This is usually achieved with a length of vinyl tubing.

- YouTube. Today I look at my new ytong nest I bought from AntKit.Uk, and give you a brief update on my Lasius Niger Queen Ant and her brood.Test Tube Setup I can make nests for any species of ant and any size of ant. you can send me designs of what you would like your nest to look like through this number: 0407703803. ALL NESTS INCLUDE A SYRINGE DESIGNED TO HYDRATE YTONG NESTS PRICING: 8cm x 8cm = $20 10cm x 10cm = $22 15cm … Re: Een ytong nest maken,hoe? Bericht door schaakspeler » za 09 jul 2011, 16:40 Uitraad is 10.000 mieren in een Ytongnest houden een beetje irrealistisch, maar het gaat om het idee dat hoe meer mieren je hebt hoe meer ze je zal moeten voederen. Ytong is a great nesting medium for ants, and our nests are manufactured with high precision CNC machinery. It has desirable insulating properties and is very porous.

Ytong ant nest

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From other posts I see that you're supposed to put a digital  A small terrarium with a horizontal ytong-nest. The enclosure works also as foraging-arena. And of a more advanced enclosure: A glass tank with a false surface  Build them a home and watch a colony take shape. Ants are really smart. Just like people, they form communities and cooperate to get things done. Making an ant  Collection Methods that mix workers from different ant nests. Baits.

23 Oct 2015 As you know I have the medium Ytong nest with arena above it. From other posts I see that you're supposed to put a digital 

Ytong has a long list of benefits over other types of nests. Just a few of these are; stable nest humidity, insultive properties that help to prevent rapid temperature fluctuations (like living underground in the wild would do), to the Professionally carved Ytong (Type I) or Professionally molded nest (Type III) Type I Material is Ytong while Type III Material is a much harder material sand-coated for naturalistic feel and better for destructive species such as Pogonomyrmex spp.,Tetramorium spp., Solenopsis spp.

We are working hard to bring you a range of quality nests and formicarium for your Australian ant colonies! All of our products are in stock in Australia and ready to ship direct to you! This ensures that we only sell equipment that we have inspected and tested ourselves, so you can be sure you are buying nests that wi

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I primarily built for this fomikárium Camponotus ants or other large species.

They also offer a slightly larger chamber depth (10mm) when compared with our acrylic nests (9mm). Ytong ant nest? bradysdreaming.
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Introduction to the ytong ant nest Ytong, also known as lightweight concrete, is available at hardware stores. It’s a great material that is easy for you to mold as you wish, and it can also be re-moisturised over and over. It’s ideal for keeping ants!

£ 14.99. Out of stock. Acrylic Forager™ Arenas. I want to build some y-tong nests for some ant species one of them will be Pheidole megacephala and i have some questions. My nest will be 20cm X 15cm AntLab Ytong Nest Size 2 – 170mm x 130mm x 33mm AntLab Ytong Nests are designed for the ultimate Ant Keeping experience! Meticulously designed and crafted in the UK, and now available in Australia! Suitable for a small colony, with space for approximately 250 worker ants.